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Audacious Hospitality Toolkit

The Audacious Hospitality toolkit is an effort to support congregational and Jewish communal leaders - clergy, staff, lay leaders, members of the congregation, and community members at-large throughout North America - as we work to embrace the diversity that is the reality of modern Jewish life.

Throughout the toolkit, we provide best principles and practical resources to help you create inclusive communities grounded in meaning, understanding, and connection. That said, there is no “one size fits all” resource for any one community. Each congregation, community, and group will have its own set of needs and challenges.

To start building strong communities and transform the ways in which your congregation and community embrace those seeking to create a meaningful Jewish life, fill out this formPlease note, the version of the toolkit currently available for download is a draft (of the first two sections) used as part of our pilot program. It is not the complete and finished toolkit. We will be launching the complete and final version April 19,2017! 

To support your learning about Audacious Hospitality and familiarize yourself with the toolkit resources, we are offering a 10-week (5 webinar) Active Learning Network May 4th through June 29th

The Active Learning Network (ALN) will be comprised of five 90-minute participatory webinars offered over the course of ten weeks. Congregations from across North America will form a network to actively review and discuss the toolkit resources and consider the use of these resources for their individual congregation. Each webinar will consist of didactic learning, breakout group discussions, and opportunities for questions and answers. Please note you’ll need to attend all the webinar sessions because they build on each other. A private group in the Tent will be offered to discuss material reviewed, answer questions, provide insights, and post additional resources along the way. The ALN will be facilitated by Carly Goldberg, DSW, LCSW Associate Director of Audacious Hospitality.

For more information on the ALN, please join us for our informational webinar on April 6, 2017 at 1pm ET.