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In the 21st century, we shouldn't need to assert that the lives of people of color matter as much as those of their white counterparts. We shouldn't need to declare that the votes cast by people of color count in this election.

We shouldn't need to – but we do.

Rev. William Barber and NAACP President Cornell Brooks have asked us to build on our significant participation in America's Journey for Justice last summer by protecting the right to vote this election year. 

We’re saying “Yes" by launching ...

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July 26, 2016 – Late last night, the Israeli Knesset passed a law instigated by ultra-Orthodox leadership to overturn a recent Supreme Court decision banning discrimination against non-Orthodox converts from state-funded mikvaot (ritual baths), which are integral to the conversion process. The Supreme Court case was brought by the Israel Religious Action Center, on behalf of both the Reform and Conservative movements...

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“I have to tell you, my daughter married a man who was Asian, and it was really hard for me. Because of the race thing. I told her that it was going to be tough, and she was so mad at me. I’ve been very worried about this, and I’m hoping things will be OK for her and her kids. It’s been terrible trying to work this out.”

This comment came from an audience member who attended a recent book event at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia, where we...

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The Republican Party's platform excludes language for a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, a serious divergence from a quarter century of U.S. foreign policy — and the GOP's previous platform in 2012, which stated explicit support for two states.

This could be a dangerous foreboding of where the Republicans are headed.

Language in the 2016 platform says, "we oppose any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms" on either party in the Middle East. The 2012 language differed pointedly: "we envision two democratic states —...

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In recent days, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community has been under a blistering attack by various political and social groups. On the eve of the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade, whose theme this year will be a memorial to 16-year-old Shira Banki, who was stabbed to death at last year's parade by an ultra-Orthodox extremist, there is a heavy feeling in the LGBT community.

While the public discourse in Israel has undergone an encouraging transformation in recent years, Orthodox rabbis and public figures, in the name of Judaism...

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