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The URJ’s Leadership Institute presents a Scholar Series on Leadership, in which three experts each lead a virtual discussion about values-based leadership. The series began with Harry Kraemer’s session about becoming a values-based leader. The second scholar is Dr. Erica Brown. Here, she offers a sneak peek into her session.

In my office is a decorative picture with the words “Become a possibilitarean.” The idea that we “dwell in possibility,” as...

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There’s a program we created at URJ Kutz Camp titled, "What I Go to the Wall For." It gives members of our community the opportunity to think about the issues and values that are most important to them and the ideals on which they will not waiver. Participants’ meaningful and diverse responses have included such important topics as marriage equality, economic justice, gun violence prevention, women’s rights, interreligious understanding, family...

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At Hillel Institute in St. Louis, MO, I ushered in Shabbat surrounded by 60 college students and Hillel professionals as we passionately sang “Ahavat Olam” to the tune of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”; at the same time, hundreds of other people welcomed Shabbat through prayer, song, yoga, poetry, and other means.

At Metro Minyan in Washington D.C., I joined with more...

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In the last week of September, just days before Rosh Hashannah, more than 50 youth professionals gathered at the picturesque URJ Kutz Camp in the heart of the Hudson Valley for a few days of learning and growing. The retreat was part of a pilot for the Youth Professionals 101 Community of Practice, a new cohort for congregational youth professionals in the first two years of our roles to learn best practices for youth engagement and build a network.

When I first saw the dates of the retreat, I thought, “Isn’t that the week before High Holy...

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We live in a time in which the upcoming generations connect less and less to established religious institutions. All religious groups are experiencing this problem, but it is particularly hard on the Jewish world. Why? Our numbers are very small in relation to other religions, for one. Another reason is the internal struggle between progressive and fundamentalist Jewish groups. We are in competition for the next generation. Young people are looking for a combination of deeper meaning, a sense of family/community, and authentic, real experiences. We cannot cede this to fundamentalist Jewish...

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