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This past January, Prime Minister Netanyahu made a commitment to the entire Jewish people. His government passed a resolution that included all forms of Jewish worship at the Western Wall, with detailed plans to build an egalitarian prayer space, administered by a pluralistic group including our rabbis. For the first time in the history of the Jewish state, Reform rabbis would join an official government-supported religious body. It was a great shared victory!

Unfortunately, in the months since, the government has successfully avoided implementing its own commitment. We are...

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As I remember them growing up, our family’s yom tov (holiday) celebrations looked like this: With the dining room table covered in a beautiful white tablecloth, elegant china and silverware, and brightly polished candle sticks and Kiddush cups, it was ready for the matzah ball soup, the round, sweet, freshly-baked challah, honey chicken, and the rest of the festive meal. My brother and I, busy blowing our toy shofars, looked forward to dipping our apples in honey.

Once our parents arrived home, having rushed from work, we all gathered around the table, reciting the blessings to...

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Thanks to some unexpected action in the ongoing struggle for pluralistic Jewish worship at the Kotel (Western Wall), the future of this holy endeavor now depends on each of us.

Last week, Israel’s Supreme Court judges unexpectedly rebuked the Israeli government for its failure to implement its own ruling to equalize prayer status at the Kotel, creating a place for all Jews. Demonstrating her exasperation, Supreme Court President Miriam Naor declared, “Enough is enough,” and together with...

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Earlier this month, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a statement saying that the country’s government must stop delaying the implementation of the historic government decision to create a pluralistic, egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall.

On Wednesday, September 21st, Reform Jewish leaders from both North America and Israel will host a webinar titled...

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When we see our youth walking through the door after the summer, we are filled with pride. In 2015-2016 alone, more than 20,000 Reform youth, teens, and young adults across North America have built communities, engaged in meaningful dialogue about Israel, and paved the way in pursuit of social justice. Our collective work has spanned across North America, Israel, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and beyond. But we know that there’s more to celebrate beyond the numbers. Our youth are asking core questions about themselves as they move through adolescence: who am I? With whom am I connected? How...

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