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At the end of services on a recent Shabbat, a member of City Shul, a new downtown synagogue in Toronto, rises to the podium to announce upcoming events for the week. “The men’s club will be meeting as usual,” he says, “and as you all know, the men’s club is open to anyone who identifies as a man.”

Little gestures like this, which demonstrate an openness to Jews of all types, says City Shul Rabbi Elyse Goldstein, may explain why Reform congregations like hers are attracting a new and diverse following in Canada’s most populous Jewish city – bucking a trend of...

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New York, NY, Feb 3, 2016 – Statement by Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ):

We are outraged by the statements about the Reform Movement made by two ministers in the Israeli government following the decision to create an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem.  

Just a few days ago, we...

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“History repeats itself.”

This statement is often uttered despondently, conjuring up repeated human suffering caused by tragic or misguided events, wars, and choices. But perhaps it also should inspire us.

As America commemorates Black History Month, we are called on both to remember the enslavement that brought Africans to this country and to celebrate the generations of activists who have fought – and continue to fight – for racial justice.

Black leaders have fought for the right to vote, for desegregation, and for an end to mass incarceration – each effort...

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Most of you have heard by now that the Israeli government just approved the creation of an enhanced egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall which, for the first time, will be under the authority of non-Orthodox leadership. Our Reform Movement was instrumental in leading this change, in a coordinated effort with Women of the Wall; the Conservative Movement, both in Israel and in North America; and the Jewish Federations of North America....

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Jews come in all colors, and our diaspora is beautiful and vast! North Africa and the Middle East are among the places from which Jews originated, and we have lived on every continent. We’re a global, multiracial people that’s growing more racially and ethnically diverse through interfaith and interracial marriage, conversion, and adoption.

In the United States, February is Black History Month. It is one among many opportunities for us to acknowledge and reflect upon our collective racial and ethnic diversity, and learn more...

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