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Congregational leaders work tirelessly to make their communities strong and allow them to flourish l'dor vador, from generation to generation. That includes bringing new families into the congregation, which strengthens the community both relationally and financially.

Of course, the inverse of a family choosing to join one congregation is that they don’t join the temple down the street or on the other side of town. As a result, our congregations often find themselves competing for every new member in the area.

This competitive spirit seems to extend to the online sphere....

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As the director of a Reform Jewish summer camp, my vacation time doesn’t begin until the summer winds down. This month, while taking our post-camp vacation “up north,” my husband Nadav and I heard rumblings about the start of flooding in Louisiana. Admittedly, we were deep in vacation-mode and didn’t fully grasp the gravity of the devastation until we returned to our home state of Mississippi. As we began to hear from our extended camp mishpacha (family) in the area, we knew we needed to get to Baton Rouge as soon as we could. 

We began by...

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This evening we launch Nitzavim: Standing Up for Voter Protection and Participation, the Reform Movement’s nonpartisan election year voting rights initiative.

This initiative is part of our ongoing Movement-wide racial justice campaign. Nitzavim is the...

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Every morning this summer, when I drop my 6-year-old son off at Jewish day camp, he immediately makes a beeline for the orange-walled pit where the kids play a variant of dodgeball called ga-ga. A counselor drops the ball, it bounces three times (“ga! ga! ga!”), and then the game begins. Players hit the ball at each other using their hands, and if you’re hit below the waist with...

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I’m delighted to share the URJ's 2015 Annual Report. The staff and I are confident that you will find it as inviting, informative, and inspiring as we do.

This report reflects the full range of the URJ's work, providing a high-level overview of our entire agenda. In it you will find details of some of our most exciting and innovative programs that connect Jews to Jewish life, pursue justice, and strengthen communities. We are grateful for your partnership, as we work together to create welcoming communities, helping more people led lives of...

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