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Teens & Racial Justice

“B’chol dor va’dor chayav adam lirot atzmu k’ilu hu yatza mi’mitzrayim,” from generation to generation, each person is required to imagine that they themselves went forth from Egypt.- Mishnah Pesachim 10:5

When we received the opportunity of a Better Together* grant, designed to bring Jewish high school students and senior citizens together at Temple Sholom of Scotch Plains, NJ, we decided to address a request from our post-Confirmation students to engage in issues that challenge them in the real world...

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White marble statue of justice holding brass scales

The Talmud teaches, “When a person robs his fellow even the value of a perutah [penny], it is as though he had taken his life away from him.” (Bava Kama 119a) While the ancient rabbis were not concerned with a gendered-based pay gap, they did understand that fair pay is the basis of human dignity in the employer-employee relationship.

Inspired by Jewish ethics and a commitment to justice, Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) and Women’s Rabbinic Network (WRN), with the support of the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York, are launching a new initiative to address the gender wage gap that...

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Passover seder setup with a small chalkboard that reads Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof

During Passover, the annual season of celebrating our redemption from slavery and oppression, we are confronted with the juxtaposition of our own freedom and the recognition of those who are still facing injustice in our modern world.

As we sit down to our seders, we have a moral obligation to reflect on what the exodus can teach us about the structural oppression that exists within our society. If we were once enslaved and are commanded to tell the story of how we reached freedom, we should not fully rejoice until we work towards...

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Shabbat service in a synagogue sanctuary

Judaism is a communal religion. We celebrate together, we mourn together, we worship together, we learn together, and we play together. The sages taught, for example, that you can't study Torah on your own. We need 10 Jewish adults, a minyan, in order to have a full prayer service. Likewise, while we may observe Shabbat, Hanukkah, and Passover at home, it's a lot more fulfilling to come together...

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For Immediate Release  March 31, 2017

Contact: Max Rosenblum or Graham Roth 202-387-2800 | 

WASHINGTON – Reform Jewish Congregations are being urged to protect undocumented immigrants facing deportation. The Union for Reform Judaism’s North American Board of Trustees took this historic step in response to the growing concern about an increase in deportation activity by federal authorities and Congress’s failure to comprehensively address immigration reform. This resolution responds to the urgent need of...

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