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The Tent - a collaborative workspace for the leaders of Reform Judaism
The Tent
A Collaborative Workspace for the Leaders of Reform Judaism

The Tent is the communication and collaboration platform for lay and professional leaders throughout the Reform Movement.

In The Tent, the URJ brings together leaders from throughout the Reform Movement, using a technology platform that fosters online document sharing, collaboration, and discussion. The Tent strengthens congregations by providing the information and expertise that will help congregations continue to thrive and to be central, important places in the lives of their congregants.

With thousands of leaders regularly using The Tent, it has quickly become a valuable tool for networking, finding needed resources, and learning best practices from peers. Resources on every subject — from membership polices and advertisements, to bylaws to dues forms and letters — are provided by congregational leaders, the URJ, and many other Reform organizations, and curated by URJ staff.

Congregational leaders can also use The Tent to create a private discussion and collaboration group for board members, committees or staff. Files can be shared and discussions can be hosted on a robust platform that ensure an ongoing connection to the important matters of congregational life.

The Tent is created in Yammer, a private enterprise collaboration network platform that is part of the Microsoft Office365 suite of tools, and is continually growing and evolving to better meet the needs of users.

The Tent is only available to leaders of URJ member congregations and Reform organizations. You may request access to The Tent by visiting urj.org/thetent, or you may email a list of leaders in your congregation to urj1800@urj.org so they can all be invited in at once.

“Looking up, Abraham saw  three  men standing near him. As soon as he saw them, he ran from the entrance of the tent to greet them and, bowing to the group, he said “My lords, if it  please you, do not go past your servant.” Genesis 18:2-3