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April 11, 2022

Midrash teaches that as the Israelites reached the banks of the Sea of Reeds with Pharoah's army just behind them, they wailed in despair - there was nowhere for them to go. Even Moses, our fearless leader, didn't know what to do in that moment.

It was then that Nachshon, a tribal leader, walked into the water. With each step the water became deeper, and yet he led with confidence and bravery. It wasn't until the water reached his nose that the sea parted, and the Israelites were able to cross on dry land.

Tackling big issues in your congregation, community, and the world can feel like being in the rising waters. The URJ's Leading Change Summit will empower and enable you to lead through these waters with more skill and confidence. Join hundreds of Reform Jewish leaders - clergy, staff, and lay - from across North America for this virtual three-day leadership gathering. We'll learn from inspiring thought leaders, tailor our learning through more than two dozen workshops, and commit to Leading Change together.

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Here are just a few highlights of our program:

Keynote Sessions led by:

Actionable workshop programming focused on:

  • Affirming diversity to create communities of belonging
  • Strengthening leadership through empathy and self-interest
  • Utilizing power-mapping to effect lasting change
  • Creating change through social and political movements
  • Moving people into action
  • And nearly two dozen more!

Affinity Spaces allow for dedicated networking opportunities for Jews of Color and LGBTQ+ leaders, with additional role-based programming for congregational presidents and educators.

Don't delay - register today for this incredible program before the price increases on April 18th!

Reflecting the URJ's commitment to Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI), grant support is available to subsidize registration for Jews of Color, Jewish Adjacent People of Color, People with Disabilities, the LGBTQ community, people under the age of 25, and people in need of financial support. To request a grant, please visit the Fees page of the Leading Change website. An expanded program offering, including affinity spaces, is available to Jews of Color. Grants also available to congregations with fewer than 300 households.

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