A Spring 2022 Update from NFTY

April 11, 2022

Spring Kallot Across North America

We held our fourth Spring Kallah of 2022 at URJ OSRUI with NFTY-CAR, NFTY-NO, and NFTY-MV. More than 200 teens gathered in Oconomowoc, WI for a weekend of fun, friendship, and learning led by their peers. In the last two weeks, NFTY teens also gathered at URJ Camp Kalsman, Jacobs Camp, and GUCI. Check out our calendar for all upcoming events.

New Commitment to NFTY from the URJ North American Board

Teens and alumni leaders of NFTY joined the URJ North American Board meeting on April 3rd and asked the board to commit to five actions including bringing teens into all working groups dealing with teen programming, increasing the NFTY Budget, and personally supporting NFTY and teen leadership across the URJ. The board overwhelmingly affirmed these commitments.

"We know this is only a first step and that the plans for NFTY and teen leadership are still at early stages. You are the leaders in this work, and I have asked the Board to practice a bit of tzimzum and let you lead the way. Our own experiences from years past and our opinions about the directions NFTY might take should not shape this work. It is your voice and your leadership that will be creating a true youth movement that inspires teens for meaningful impact in their lives, in our broader Reform Jewish Movement, and indeed, in our world."
- Jen Kaufman, URJ Board Chair to the teen and alumni leaders

New Budget for NFTY/Teen Leadership in 2022-23 Brings New Staffing and Volunteer Structure

Over the coming months we will be working on setting up this exciting structure:

  • Four full-time North American staff members, in addition to support from other areas of the URJ
  • Part-time regional mentors for every region
  • Three part-time organizers supporting teen leaders' growth and vision for the future
  • A network of volunteers supporting NFTY teens in their region
  • Expanding support for synagogue that host regional NFTY experiences
  • Continuation of retreats at URJ camps
  • Expanded training for teen leaders , focused on movement building
  • Expanded fundraising and long-term development

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Mazel tov to our new North American Board!

2022 NFTY North American Board

Read more about our evolving approach to leadership in NFTY.

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