Traliant Compliance Training Classes Now Available

August 8, 2022Larry Glickman, FTA

As part of our ongoing efforts to create safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces, the URJ requires all staff to regularly participate in sexual harassment prevention training classes, provided by Traliant Compliance Training. Doing so not only helps us think about our own behavior and actions, but also helps us recognize issues of concern should they occur in our workplace, at our camps, or at our events.

Today, through the Reform Movement Marketplace, the URJ is making Traliant Compliance Training classes available to our affiliated congregations at a reduced cost. Although this training is mandated in only a handful of states (California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York), we strongly encourage every staff person, clergy, lay leader, and volunteer at every Reform congregation to participate in the training.

By mandating or recommending sexual harassment prevention training at your congregation, you will know that you are taking another concrete step to make your sacred community a safe place where everyone will feel welcome and have reasonable expectations of being treated fairly and with respect.

Of course, sexual harassment prevention training is only one important piece of a comprehensive effort to make sure that your sacred community upholds the values of being safe, equitable, and respectful to all. In addition to prevention training, you can also:

Please visit the Reform Movement Marketplace to learn how you can purchase sexual harassment prevention training for staff and leaders at your congregation for only $18 per license, more than a 25% discount off retail pricing.

By participating in sexual harassment prevention training, your staff and lay leadership teams will feel more ownership and investment in knowing that together, you are all partners in contributing to the safety of your communities.

We are all created b'tzelem Elohim, in the image of the divine. May we all take responsibility for ensuring that everyone is treated that way.

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