Financing Israel Programming

At the Montreal 1967 Biennial, responding to the impact of the Six Day War, the UAHC formalized its institutional commitment to build a reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationship with the State of Israel.

By and large, the procedures originally established have proven inadequate to the task. The development of Progressive Judaism in Israel and the development of intensive Israel programming for American Reform Jews have been severely retarded by insufficient funds.

The Yom Kippur War, with its heavy financial cost, has created a critical situation for our fledgling movement in Israel. This, in turn, places an even greater responsibility on the American Reform movement to intensify its funding efforts.

We, therefore, reaffirm the previous resolutions urging every region and every member congregation to establish ongoing Israel Committees charged with the responsibility of developing and implementing Israel programming.

We further reaffirm the 1971 Los Angeles resolution urging "all congregations to develop a regularized framework for the solicitation of funds either through special drives or by congregational billings or other effective means" and urge that the standard be set at $5.00 per member family.