The Middle East

48th General Assembly
November 1965
San Francisco, CA

The danger of new aggression continues undiminished in the Near East because the Arab states still refuse to make peace with Israel and persist in their military preparations for her destruction.

This danger is increased because the Arab states carry on their efforts to divert the northern sources of the Jordan River in order to deprive Israel of her legitimate share of the Jordan-Yarmuk water system; acquire new and powerful weapons from both the Soviet Union and Western nations; and exploit the plight of the Arab refugees.

We believe that firm measures must be taken by our government to halt the drift toward a new outbreak of armed hostilities.

  1. We must be ready and able to carry out our commitment to intervene effectively against aggression. There must be no doubt in the mind of anyone about the strength of our purpose.
  2. We must lend credibility and force to that commitment by supplying Israel directly with arms necessary to deter aggression.
  3. We deplore the criminal waste of the area's most precious resources - water - to which the Arab countries have committed themselves for the avowed purpose of denying Israel here fair share of Jordan waters under the United States backed Eric Johnston plan for regional development.
  4. We must use our influence to encourage progressive Arabs to assert their desire for peace, in order to bring Arabs and Israelis to the peace table for negotiations which will advance the highest interests of all the peoples in the Near East.

We welcome recent action by Congress calling upon the Administration to oppose Arab boycott practices and we urge American businessmen to cooperate with Department of Commerce regulations.

THEREFORE , BE IT RESOLVED that the 48th General Assembly of the UAHC urges its member congregations and lay members to do all in their power to endeavor to implement the policy herein stated.