Resolution on Israel

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations reaffirms its total commitment to the continued existence and security of the State of Israel. The UAHC has deepened its attachment to Israel through the support of our congregations, communities and kibbutzim, and other Reform institutions in Israel.

With heavy hearts, we take note of the Palestinian Arabs and Jews who have been killed during the Intifada, and we express our sympathy to those who mourn, lest these dead, "get nothing except our wreaths," we rededicate ourselves to the work of peace.

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations believes that peace is essential to the security of Israel and the fulfillment of the aspirations of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora. Furthermore, it believes that peace can only be achieved by political means, and that the use of force can only deepen distrust, hatred and fear, and leads to an intensification of the conflict.

There is an urgent need for statesmanship by both Arab and Israeli leaders. Opportunities for peace are no less sudden than outbreaks of war, and they require a similar response of strength and courage.

THEREFORE , it is out of deep concern that the Union of American Hebrew Congregations as a religious organization resolves to:

  1. Reaffirm solidarity with the State of Israel as we did at the Board of Trustees meeting November 1988.
  2. Urge all Reform Jews to increase their support for the State and the people of Israel.
  3. Urge all those involved in the current struggle to pursue promptly, openly, and without precondition a fair, just, enduring, and all-embracing peace.
  4. Urge the United States, since there has never been an Arab-Israeli peace agreement without the active participation of the United States, to maintain and continue to enhance all forms of support for Israel while encouraging the opening of new pathways to peace by relentlessly pursuing its efforts to build bridges between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.
  5. Support efforts to bring about negotiations between Israel and the elected representatives of the Palestinian people, as well as with those governments still in a state of belligerence with Israel. We are encouraged by Israel's acceptance of Secretary of State Baker's 5-point peace plan and look forward to a positive response from the Palestinians that will advance the peace process.
  6. Pursue peace accompanied by a mutual respect for human rights and by an end to the cycle of violence.
  7. Reaffirm the UAHC/ARZA resolution of June 1988, to urge that Israel be prepared to withdraw from some of the administrated territories, when adequate security arrangements are negotiated and implemented.