On State of Israel

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations in Convention assembled send affectionate greetings to our brethren in the State of Israel. We take pride in your heroic achievements. We offer prayers for your continued success. We pledge continued aid for your historic task of rehabilitating the homeless of Israel.

Although mindful that it is the primary privilege and obligation of this Union of American Hebrew Congregations generously and wholeheartedly to further and support Judaism in America, we do now endorse moral and material support for Israel and recommend to our constituency wholehearted assistance to the United Jewish Appeal and Bond drive for Israel.

We favor the extension of aid to Israel by the United Nations and the United States Government in order to sustain and strengthen a vital democratic State in the heart of the Near East.

As religionists we look for the strengthening of the faith of our fathers and for new religious insights in Israel. We urge that the present situation which limits the rights of non-orthodox Jews be corrected soon and we are certain that this will redound to the benefit of all religion and all of the people of Israel.