The UAHC Israel Program

50th General Assembly
October 1969
Miami Beach, FL

We call upon our congregations to cooperate fully with the UAHC Committee on Israel by implementing the resolution of the 1967 biennial assembly authorizing that national committee to solicit from the entire constituency of American Reform Judaism, as a voluntary offering, $1.00 per year per person - man, woman and child - for the development and support of Reform Judaism and its institutions in Israel.

Further, we call upon each of our congregations to establish an active and effective Israel Committee whose primary purposes shall be:

  1. the encouragement and advancement of the cause of Progressive Judaism in Israel in cooperation with the World Union for Progressive Judaism;
  2. the education of congregational members and members of the community at large on issues, both general and specific, affecting Israel;
  3. the promotion of visits and extended learning experiences in Israel for the congregations' members of all ages, for the leaders of the congregations - both lay and rabbinic - and for the educators and teachers, all in cooperation, where possible, with the UAHC's multi-faceted programs on behalf of Israel;
  4. the translation of the unique Jewish values and creative spirit of Israel into the spiritual, educational and cultural programs of the synagogue.

Further, we urge the World Union for Progressive Judaism and its branches throughout the world continuously to press for the elimination of the discriminatory barriers against non-Orthodox Judaism.