BUILDing Jewish ECE was an early engagement program to guide synagogues, Jewish community centers and their early childhood education centers toward increasing enrollment, Jewish family engagement and connections to the Jewish community. It was led by Rose Community Foundation and involves a comprehensive partnership with the Union for Reform Judaism, JCC Association, and United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

BUILDing Jewish ECE was the first program of its kind in the nation. Nine Denver and Boulder Jewish community centers and synagogues with early childhood centers benefit from BUILDing Jewish ECE’s marketing and family engagement training. 

Each center director was part of a leadership team of volunteers and professionals who work with a URJ provided expert mentor-coach and marketing specialist for two years to expand and enhance branding, marketing, enrollment conversion, customer service, and relationship building. By using these new skills, they serve their families better and engage them more fully in the life of their community. Family input through periodic surveys is essential to their success. 

BUILDing Jewish ECE provides many resources and tools to help attract, retain and involve families in meaningful ways. This program also helped create new ways for families to make friendships and forge connections that expand to the greater Jewish community.