Working at the URJ

URJ staff share their experiences.

Staff share their experiences...

The URJ has been my professional home for almost forty years. In all that time, I have approached my work with passion, knowing that we are engaged in tikkun olam, the repairing of our broken world.

My work through the URJ has allowed me to strengthen my connection to Israel. I’m so fortunate to be able to combine my job with my personal passions.

The work that I do keeps me busy and personally fulfilled, but it’s the people that keep me coming back day after day. The URJ is like family – we enjoy being together, working to make a difference in the lives of those who we serve around North America.

I love working at URJ. With my colleagues who work around North America, we have the privilege to reach out to seekers, facilitate their Jewish journeys, and transform our community – ultimately, helping to create a world of wholeness, compassion and justice. 

Working for URJ is the opportunity to integrate my value and contributions. This workplace embodies my passion and skill sets while supporting my intellect as we work to continue making Reform Judaism relevant in ways not yet discovered.  There is vision by top leaders, a collegial spirit of support and a great opportunity to collaborate while moving us into the future.

I work for the URJ because through the work I personally do, and through the work of others with whom I work:

  1. We can help move our congregations to a place of greater strength.
  2. We can help bring voices together for a greater purpose.
  3. We can engage the next generation of youth and families in a Judaism that brings meaning, purpose and joy to their lives.